Attention Christian Women….

How To Lose Weight When Nothing Else

Is Working!



(Finally! Discover What Will Work For You...)

In This Instant Download you will discover: 

  • The one thing you can do to lose weight successfully
  • It will only take you 20 minutes at most
  • It doesn’t cost a cent
  • It doesn’t require any willpower or motivation
  • You will lose weight without changing anything you eat

Who is Elizabeth Kabanyan?

Elizabeth blends the art of connection and the neuroscience of transformation to help women enhance their problem-solving abilities to achieve their desired goals. Any single problem is resolved in 1 coaching session. Her coaching is deeply rooted in her Christian core values of kindness, courage, and empowering others. Elizabeth’s pioneering approach is distinctly experiential, individual, and grounded in neuroscience. She holds many coaching certifications, including a background in biochemistry and healthcare administration. She mentors nurses on how to give completely without lacking self-care.

She is certified in social psychology, Health Coaching, and NeuroCoaching. This unique blend of training cultivated her rich insight into the power of mindset and the secrets of unlocking the right one. 

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